Hello Martindale District Churches,
After further correspondence by email, our District Leaders are taking the following 3 steps to do our part to care for our churches and communities in the coming weeks.
#1) We will suspend our regular services and activities through March 31. This means that the District Leadership Retreat, Shiloh Youth Retreat and Guys’/Girls’ Cabin Weekend and other regular mid-week activities are canceled.
#2) We will host a District Service at Parkview for the next two Sundays. You can pray for Sheldon Martin, (Associate Pastor, Parkview) as he prepares to bring the message this coming Sunday. We plan to air the service in three ways:
  • Call-in Phone system (Parkview’s # is 717-271-0043. Martindale’s # is 717-859-0027)
  • Facebook Live (search for Daryl L. Weaver). This will be a public broadcast and you should be able to view it without a friend request.
  • Parkview YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9KIRZETCbHYfAQqq1Vu4iA) This is a brand-new tool we are testing and would welcome you to search for this URL, and subscribe to this channel. (After we get 100 Subscribers, we can make it more visible and attach photos — right now the logo is a Big Pink “P.”) If the URL Link above does not work, then you can try searching for “Parkview Mennonite” and finding it that way.
 #3) On Monday, March 23, 7:00 pm, we are planning to use on-line video conferencing software so we as District Leaders can have our regular monthly meeting. Please keep us in your prayers as we discuss how to lead our congregations and district in these times. We will be discussing whether to continue a District Service or attempt to get each church to plan their own service. We also have a number of leadership processes that were going to begin this Spring and we’ll need to decide how/when to move forward with those.
God bless each one of you,
Daryl Weaver, for the District Leaders
For the Kingdom,
Daryl L. Weaver

Bishop, Martindale District