ATTENTION Parents, MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Parent Appreciation Evening, Saturday, March 9…be prepared for a casual, and fun, interactive time with your youth!! More details will follow

Wednesday January 16th; Girl’s Bible Study, 7:00

Saturday January 19; Camp Calvary, Meet @ Ephrata Mennonite School @ 6:00pm. This is a night designed to welcome and introduce the 14-15 year old youth to Youth Group. So if you know of any youth who are 14 or 15 invite them!

Thursday January 24th; Guy’s Bible Study, 7:30

Saturday, January 26th; Snowboarding Trip… text Roger or Diane to sign up. Plan on meeting @ Parkview @ 1:30 PM, we will be on the slopes from 4-10 and we are also planning on stopping at sheetz on the way home. Pack a lunch if you wish for more food or bring $ for food. The cost of a lift ticket ONLY is $30, if you need a lift ticket PLUS rentals then it’s $60- ALLSOO, this year the resort requires you to rent or bring a helmet – helmet rental is $12.00 (You will be responsible to pay for your own rentals, if needed, and lift ticket) The youth fund will cover the transportation(Thank you for supporting the Youth Auction:)! When you sign up, please indicate whether you need a lift and rental or just a lift ticket. *Also please note that the bus isn’t planning on returning till after curfew for junior drivers, so plan your rides accordingly.

Sunday, February 3rd; Super Bowl Party, @ Welcoming Place, 21 South 12th St., Akron, Pa. 17501(held in the Meeting Place building) Arrive @ 6:00. Please bring a fun finger food to share for supper!

Sunday, February 10; Activity – including first practice for Youth Group Choir

Saturday, February 16; Formal Valentines Special! Contact Jordan and Sonya to sign up. We want to clarify that you are welcome to bring a ‘friend’ along as your partner for the evening, but this is NOT necessary! We want it to be a special evening of getting dressed up in your formal best and enjoying getting to know your youth group better. We don’t want anyone to feel like it is all about ‘couples’ or trying to ‘pair up’ people! The activities will involve mixing guys and girls, but hopefully in a fun and beneficial way for all!!:)

February 23/24;

March 2/3;

Saturday March 9; Parent Appreciation Night

March 16/17;

March 22-24th; Guy’s/Girl’s Cabin Weekend, This weekend includes sessions on special topics and other activities. Guys will be going to the Rutt cabin in Lewistown and the girls will be staying at the Horseshoe Lodge in Denver. We welcome all to come since this is a great weekend to get to know your friends better. We do recommend that you come for the complete weekend if possible if you sign up! Contact Roger and Diane to sign up.

March 30/31;

Friday, May 17 & Saturday, May 18th; Youth Auction

June 1-8; Canada Workweek

If you are not currently receiving our youth group info via phone message please contact Nelson or Christa.