2 Timothy 1:7 reminds me that God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind. As I’ve thought about this verse the concept of a “sound mind” has been speaking to me. My personality being one who is comfortable in a routine, a Mr. Steady, life the last few days has been anything but routine. This can leave me feeling unsettled and unsure. But the reminder of the promise of a “sound mind” brings comfort. So, to me, a sound mind means taking the recommended steps in order to minimize the spread of this virus. I may never know what could have been but I can rest easy knowing that I did my part. So if I need to stay at home, I commit to enjoying the moments that I have right now to be together with my family. How can I invest my extra time into something that will benefit someone else? Will I spend time reading my children a book? Am I going to commit to laughing together and having times of discussion about what really matters? Can I even use this extra time to possibly get ahead on my do-to list?  Am I praying for a sound mind, that I doesn’t  give way for untruth and confusion to run wild in my mind? My “sound mind” is one of God’s great remedies to counteract this spirit of fear. Don’t let a few days or even weeks of non-normal take your faith away from an Eternal Father who promises His children spirits of power, love, and a sound mind. This also leads me to take the advice of state government, LMC & Martindale District Leaders. Because of this advice youth group is taking intentional steps to be proactive against the possible spread of the Coronavirus. This includes shut down of our normal weekly activities. Steps may also be taken to postpone or cancel guys and girls cabin weekend, however they have not been cancelled as of 3-18. We will keep you posted as changes are made. But I also realize that a response involving shutting things down for a while may lead some to feel anything but a sound mind. If this is you, it’s ok! If you find yourself dwelling on all the what if’s and uncertainties, don’t just ignore them. Ask Jesus to help you replace them.  I send this with a prayer that God will bring a sound mind into anyone that is struggling to find one in the midst of everything going on. Isolation does NOT mean that you are all alone in life and that nobody cares. God is still at work! God is still good!   ~Nelson Rutt


Wednesday April 1st @ 7:00 Girls’ Bible study, This will be our first attempt at using Zoom online meeting. We are asking all youth who are interested in connecting in this way to text Jordan or Sonya your email address ahead of time. They will then send you some instructions and then an invitation for the meeting.

Thursday April 2nd @ 7:00 Guy’s Online Bible Study; We are asking all youth who are interested in connecting in this way to text Jordan or Sonya your email address ahead of time. They will then send you some instructions and then an invitation for the meeting.

April 5: Frisbee begins Sunday afternoon @ Brubaker Park – 1:00, ALL youth welcomed to come on out and enjoy these Sunday afternoons at the park; watching or playing the games, spending time with others chatting, snacking, cheering, or getting involved in other activities happening around the park (Subject to change)

April 11: MMYG Easter outreach

April 12: Frisbee @ Brubaker, 1:00 (Subject to change)

April 15: Girls’ Bible study, 7:00

April 18: Possible work project

April 19: Frisbee @ Brubaker, 1:00….(Subject to change)

Sunday April 19th evening… EMHS Ministering Arts Team(MAT) program at Parkview Church, 6:30

April 23: Guys’ Bible study, 7:30

April 25: MMYG Master Chef evening

April 26: Frisbee @ Brubaker, 1:00(Subject to change)

May 1st: Duane & Stacey Shirk’s Term as District Youth Pastor will begin!:)

May 3: Frisbee @ Brubaker, 1:00(Subject to change)

May 10: Frisbee @ Brubaker(Subject to change)

May 15 – 16: YOUTH AUCTION – please be thinking how you can add to this year’s auction

May 17: Frisbee @ Brubaker, 1:00(Subject to change)

May 24-25: Memorial Day Weekend – Frisbee Playoffs, Sunday after church & Monday all day(Subject to change)

If you are not currently receiving our youth group info via phone message please contact Jordan Sensenig (717) 466-4693