February 27: Guys’ Bible study, 7:30

February 29/1: OPEN weekend

March 4: Girls’ Bible study, 7:00

March 7: Camp Calvary Gym Night, 6:30 – 9:30, Help spread the word…ALL District 14 year old’s are invited to this event to experience an evening with MMYG! Youth may meet @ Parkview @ 5:30 to ride in vans; pick-up time will be approx. 10:15

March 12: Guys’ Bible study, 7:30

March 14: Nerd Night

March 18: Girls’ Bible study, 7:00

March 21: MMYG REUNION!! Also, YP Nelson and Christa Rutt and family’s farewell event for transitioning out of the Youth Pastor role for MMYG. They served from Fall 2010 – 2020

Thursday March 26th: Northern Youth Banquet @ Weaver Markets Banquet Facility. 6:00-8:00PM. All youth and/or parents are invited to attend. This benefits the organization where the youth group went on workweek last year. Several youth have served as summer staff also. Come on out an hear about what God is doing north of the Border 🙂 Special singing by the Norm Miller Family. Text Brent or Shalom Martin, or their dad (Matt Martin 717-336-1696) to sign up.

March 27 – 29: Guy/Girl Cabin Weekend – Guys @ Rutt cabin in Lewistown; Girls @ Phil Snader’s Cabin. Contact Tray and Brianna to sign up

April 1: Girls’ Bible study, 7:00

April 4/5: Open

April 9: Guys’ Bible study, 7:30

April 11: Easter Ministry/service project

April 15: Girls’ Bible study, 7:00

April 18: MMYG Master Chef evening

April 23: Guys’ Bible study, 7:30

April 25/26:


If you are not currently receiving our youth group info via phone message please contact Nelson 717-286-4589