Youth Pastor Announcement
We are happy to announce that Duane and Stacy Shirk have agreed to begin the process to move into the District Youth Pastor Role. As District Leaders, we want to thank all of you for your prayers and input on behalf of this process. The Youth Group will be hosting a Recognition of Service Celebration for Nelson & Christa on March 22, which will signify the end of their term as Youth Pastor.

Duane & Stacy’s 4-year term will begin May 1, to allow them time to complete their move to another house and complete the Credentialing Process with LMC. We are planning Duane’s Licensing Service for Sunday evening, April 26, 2020. To better support this transition, we as District Leaders are forming a Youth Pastor Support Team to serve as in advisory role to Duane’s. Phil & Sharon Groff (Lead Pastor, Cambridge) and Sheldon & Ashley Martin (Associate Pastor, Parkview) have agreed to serve on this Team. We also are in the beginning stages of forming a District Youth Auction Committee to oversee the Youth Auction and lighten the load the Youth Team carries for that event. Additionally, we are also beginning conversations with a few other couples that we are asking to consider serving in the Youth Advisor Role that Roger and Diane have vacated at the end of last year.

Please continue to keep these processes and transition, as well as Nelson & Christa and Duane and Stacy, in your prayers.

For the Kingdom,

Daryl L. Weaver
Bishop, Martindale District