June 25, 2020:  GUYS Bible Study 7:30pm at Duane and Stacy’s house…park in Weavers store back parking lot, in front of our house, or along the streets tree line. Please be respectful of neighbors and do not park infront of their houses or in their lawns! Thanks 🙂

June 27: Going Green!!!! Official back to youth group night!!! Details to be added soon

(In the beginning of July, the team will have a meeting and plan the next several months of activities. If there is something you would love to plan or an idea for us, text, message, or talk to any of the advisors or Duanes!) 

July 1, 15: Girls Bible Study 7:00 pm at Duane and Stacy’s house

July 9, 23: Guys Bible Study 7:30 pm at Duane and Stacy’s house