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Youth Auction 2020 Youth and Parent Letter

Attention! All available youth are needed to help

Friday evening, September 18, set up for the Auction….6:30pm or after

Saturday, September 19- Youth Arrive 4:00pm, Food Begins 5:00pm

Certificates and Games at 6:00pm

Dear Parents and Youth,

We are looking forward to another district gathering at the Farmersville Auction House! We would like to have your help in organizing this as well as possible! Youth Auction is the main source of funds for workweek AND OTHER ACTIVITIES throughout the year

#1:       Have EACH YOUTH decide what they would like to sell on the auction

#2:       CREATE a certificate to be sold! Place in an envelope and give to Tray and Brianna Reiff. Your certificate should include the following: Details of what you are selling, expiration date if you have a limited time (all should be used by May 2021…keep that in mind when creating your certificates), your name, contact information, and any other info they should know about your offer, such as equipment supplied, food items, etc.


Ideas: donated time, donated service, donated item, painting, pet sitting, babysitting, cleaning, hunting, cabin rental, weekend rental giveaway, baked good, freezer meals, gift certificates, grocery shopping, car wash, oil change, detailing, singing groups, household duties, mothers helper, couples date night, etc BE CREATIVE!

This year, since our auction was postponed due to covid, we will be selling certificates and food items only! However, if you as a parent, have a certificate or food item you would enjoy adding, you are more than welcome to do so! Please let Duane and Stacy or Tray and Brianna know so we can advertise it!

Please lift the committee and auction up in prayer!


Thank you so much!

Duane and Stacy Shirk, District Youth Pastor (Duane: 717-723-0995,

Jordan and Sonya Sensenig (717-466-4693)

Tray and Brianna Reiff

Sharon and Eric Burkholder

Josh Martin

Lexi Weaver