Schedule for 2019

Saturday Sept 21st: Campfire @ Roger & Diane's house @ 6:00, bring lawn chairs Sept 27-29 Fall Retreat, Meet @ Martindale Church @ 6:00, Please bring a Bible, pen/paper for note taking, pillow & blanket for bedding - fitted sheets are supplied, bring a snack...

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Catch them doing it right By Reggie Joiner

Catch Them Doing It Right Posted by Reggie Joiner Several years ago, our team was asked to design a program to help public schools teach kids character. One of the tools we provided was a “Value-able” card to award a child with free ice cream when they did something...

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Covenant Eyes… (Please read and watch the video)

The Youth Group is offering and strongly encouraging youth to install “Covenant Eyes” internet accountability software on all your internet devices… This does NOT cost any$$ and does not block any sites BUT it does monitor your device and sends a weekly report to the...

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Mission Statement

To Prepare Youth To Praise God, And To Persuade Others To Follow God Through Positive Relationships And Participating In Service Opportunities.