Child Protection Resources

Instructions for obtaining clearances for the first time

Child Abuse Clearance

Child Welfare Portal

Before you start, you should have the following information readily available and also have access to your email account.

1. Previous addresses since 1975

2. Names of everyone who lived with you at any time since 1975 to present

3. Previous names used since 1975

You will be creating an individual account with a username and password. Please file this information in a safe place along with your own copies of your clearances.

PA Criminal record check

Volunteer Record Check

You will do a new record check.

FBI fingerprinting/Residency Affidavit

FBI fingerprinting needed only if you’ve lived outside of Pennsylvania in the last 10 years.

Otherwise, please print and sign the Residency Affidavit found at the link above or on page 15 or the child protection policy.

FBI Fingerprinting

You will need to register and schedule a fingerprinting appointment.

Instructions for renewing clearances soon expiring

Child Abuse Clearance

You will need the username and password you previously created to access your individual account for the Child Welfare Portal.

Update any information that needs to be updated then resubmit.

PA Criminal Record Check
You will need to do a new record check.

PA Criminal Record Check

FBI Fingerprinting

FBI Fingerprinting

You will need to register and schedule a fingerprinting appointment.

Once you have obtained all of the required clearances please hand them in to someone on the Child Protection Committee. These are the four documents we need from you: PA Criminal Record Check, PA Child Abuse History Clearance, FBI check OR PA Residency Affidavit (found at the link above or page 15 of the Child Protection Policy) and signed Acknowledgment of Child Safety Protection Policy (found at the link above or on page 16 of the Child Protection Policy).

Thank you,

Delmar and Rosie Nolt, Wilmer and Anna Mary Zimmerman

Parkview Child Protection Committee